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Mentality, Cognition, and Behavior of Elephants

Inner Life of Elephants (a youtube film in 17 segments):  Part 1  . . . part 17

Inner Life of Elephants: Film script

Fiction:   1. Moti Guj     2. The Elephant's Child   3. Toomai of the Elephants  4. The Blind Men and the Elephant:  a. Buddhist Parable   b. Saxe's version


Listen to some elephant sounds:  Trumpeting  /  Piping / Grumble / Track 1 of a Thai Elephant Orchestra Band CD

Accessible Reviews:  1. Elephant Brain (PDF)


Elephant Anecdotes


Some of My Articles about Elephant Cognition1. Theory of Mind and Insight in Chimpanzees, Elephants, and Other Animals? (Nissani, 2004)  2. In Defense of Anecdotes (Nissani, an internet essay).  3. Absence of Mirror Self-Referential Behavior in Two Asian Elephants.  4. Simultaneous Visual Discrimination in Asian Elephants (Nissani, Hoefler-Nissani, Lay, & Htun, 2005). 5. Elephant Intelligence (a summary is available here).  6. Elephant Cognition: A Review of Recent Experiments (PDF; 2008).  7.  Do Elephants, Chimpanzees, and Dolphins Think?


Video Clips of our Research:

1. White/Black Discrimination Design

2. Large/Small Discrimination Design

3. Do Elephants Understand What an Obstacle is? (Lid Variation) (3.4 MB)

4. Do Elephants Understand What an Obstacle is? (Box Variation) (1.1 MB)

Logging Elephants of Myanmar: A Slide Show

Some Experiments with Elephants: A Slide Show

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Some Great Elephant Links (in progress):  1. Savanna Elephant Vocalization Project  2.  Save the Elephants