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This site intends to serve as a clearing house for interesting, eye witness accounts about elephants.  If you have an elephant story you can VOUCH for please send it to me (in either English or Spanish): 

In Defense of Anecdotes:  But, first I must say a few words in justification of this clearing house--if only as to save face with my fellow scientists.  Although the scientific community is sharply, and sometimes vociferously, divided about the value of so-called anecdotes, I think the resolution of this controversy is ridiculously simple.  The hawks are correct that a single ethological observation proves nothing--Morgan's dogs, Thorndike's cats, Skinner's rats, and Epstein's pigeons tell us that much.  But the doves are correct in insisting that anecdotes are valuable, in serving as a guide and a source of inspiration and ideas, for more rigorous research.  To claim otherwise betrays nothing more than ignorance of the history of science.  In an effort to resolve, once and for all, this controversy, I've written a little essay (click here to read my brief In Defense of Anecdotes in Animal Behavior & Comparative Psychology).

J.H. Williams: 1. A Tall Tale?

Geeta Khadka: Ramkali, My Elephant

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