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Around the World in One Semester

AGS 4760/4860: Senior Seminar I/II

You can have all the virtues--that's to say, all except the two that really matter, understanding and compassion--you can have all the others, I say, and be a thoroughly bad man.— Aldous Huxley

Time & Place: Monday, 6:00-10:00 p.m., 122 Cohn, WSU Campus

Class Syllabus

Model Assignments

Geography Fun Quiz


Mr. Know-All

Conversations with a Critical Thinker

The Man who Would be King

The Cabuliwallah

The Telegram on the Table

A Letter from Greenland

A Note on Recent Tibetan History

A Buddhist Tale:  The Brave Little Parrot

Open Heart: Excerpts and Class Assignments

Thinking Like a Buddhist:  An Example


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