AGS 4996: Senior Essay (or Project), Part II

Section: 001 / Call#: 16083/ Credits: 4

AGS 4992: Capstone Essay (or Project)

Section: 001 / Call#: 19084/ Credits: 4

Time & Place: Monday, 6:00-9:40 p.m., 28 Manoogian, WSU Campus

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Your preface should answer the following questions

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Final Guidelines for the Senior Essay

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Class Syllabus Additional Guidelines Choice of Topic: Guidelines
MLA Style (Charles Darlington, Capital College) Dictionary Skills
Art of the Outline Title of your Essay Documenting Scholarly Essays
(Partial) Contact Information for ISP People Photo Album, Bios, and Scholarly Interests of ISP People
Contact Information for WSU People Interdisciplinary Studies Program
Wayne State University's Library System Detroit Public Library
Model Outline:  Warning: Outline/Summary Model Title Page The Editing Process: An Example
Model Senior Essays (from an earlier class):

Crystal Truman: Gone with the Wind?  (Capstone)

Nicole Rossi: Transverse Myelitis

Ronald E. Cochran

Katie Hein's Photo-Essay (2 MB)

Erika Martin:  Born in the Cradle of War

Susan M. Kearney:  Exploring the Empty Next Transition

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Librarians' Index to the Internet  (A-Z subject lists of web links) Michigan Electronic Library  (links to all kinds of data, with an emphasis upon Michigan news)
Ref Desk Fast Facts  (Facts and information on all kinds of topics in a handy A - Z listing, includes links to almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias & more) Books Online  (Thousands of books, especially classics)
Webster Collegiate Dictionary/Thesaurus  (a so-so dictionary, with a talking pronunciation guide) The New York Times (Reality, a la Corporate America)
Mother Jones (One picture of reality) The Learning Network
A Fast Internet Search Engine  Another internet search engine

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