Recent Reflections on Revolution, Freedom, Social Justice, Peace, and Survival

Revolutionary Strategies:    The Al-Sabbah Brigade (2014)   (also available here).

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The Mystery of the 14 Dead Russian Officials: November 2015-August 2017 (also here and here)

Why cant we make a Paradise of the Earth? An interview with Muslim Press (see also here or here)

Who Rules the Anglosphere? (here or here or here or here)

Book Review: Jeff J. Brown's China Rising

Article Review: Jeff Nielson' s The Mystery of the One Bank: Its Owners?

Mush for Brains? (The Controllers of the Invisible Government are evil geniuses and not - as many aver - sophomoric dabblers)

Who Killed Jo Cox? 

The Russian Phoenix: Hope or Illusion?

History and Economics as if Truth Mattered (a review of Nikolay Starikovs Rouble Nationalization)

The People versus the Banks

7.4 Billion Cheers for Real Democracy (also available here)

Our Environmental Predicament:  

Online Book in Progress:  Pillars of American "Democracy" (a brief summary is available here, a longer but more partial summary: here)

Additional Studies Supporting the Cloak-and-Dagger Thesis:  

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