GIS 3510: Intermediate Reading and Writing

Weeks 12-15


What you do in this last segment of the course is entirely up to you—provided that it has something to do with reading and writing, and provided that your choice is cleared with me first. For example, you might wish to send an op-ed piece to a newspaper, relying in the process on some editorial advice from me. Or you may be interested in reviewing a play you have just seen, or a concert (if you know enough about the subject). Or you may develop some online materials for your fellow students, or write your biography, or . . .

Before you start, and no later than November 11, 1998, please send me a proposal (just a couple of sentences) of what you'd like to do on weeks 12-15 of the class (again, the sky's the limit, and joint proposals, by two or more participants, are highly welcome).

To see how others wrote their proposals, click here please.

Final draft of the agreed-upon assignment is due on: 12/12/99