GIS 3510: Intermediate Reading and Writing

Important Announcements: October 6, 1999

  1. If you downloaded to your computer, or printed, all class materials, you’ll need to do so again, starting from Weeks 5-6. Sorry, but I had to introduce some last-moment changes.
  2. One portion of Weeks 7-9 involves a book review from a list of some 30 books. I had to limit your choice to these 30 books for two reasons. First, I wanted to make sure that you read at least one classic in this class. Second, I can only evaluate reviews of books that I myself have read. Note, however, that the list includes short and easy books that can be comfortably read in one evening. If you are pressed for time, choose one of these books. Your grade for this assignment will be determined by the quality of your review, not by the length or reading level of the book you choose.
  3. If you can’t catch up, and if you are willing to receive, at most, a B grade in this class, you NEED not do the assignments for Weeks10-11, 12-15. Instead, you can use these six weeks to catch up on, improve, and revise your work. Please let me know if you choose this option.