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ISP 3510: Intermediate Reading and Writing

 Winter Term 2004 (January-April)

Class Instructor: Moti Nissani 


Class Syllabus: please click here

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To listen, click: Oprah Winfrey on Education and Freedom

Model Assignments:  1. Mr. Ryan.  2. Three response summaries to income distribution.  3. Oprah EPE Essay  


To review additional readings, click below:

The Editing Process: An Example

The Man Who Would be King (Kipling)

The Blind Men and the Elephant (Saxe)

The Library Card (Wright)

Cabuliwallah (Tagore)

Revolt of Mother (Wilkins)

A Kitchen Colonel

Exercises & Assignments:  1. MLK  2. Explore the Web 2. EPE Essay




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