GST 2310: Living in the Environment (Winter '98 Syllabus)


Note: This 4-credit course meets Wayne State's general education requirements in the life sciences.

Time & Place: Wednesdays, 6-9:40 p.m.; Oakland Center.

Contact information for Moti Nissani (class instructor): 24281 Cloverlawn, Oak Park, MI 48237; Phone: 248-543-0536 (noon-9 p.m., any day); Fax: 313-577-8585; E-mail:

Office hours: By appointment in Oakland Center.

Texts: 1. G. Tyler Miller, Sustaining the Earth ($42). 2. Coursepack ($8). After the first session, Sustaining the Earth will be available at Marwil's (313-832-3078), while the Coursepack will be available at the ISP (313-577-4612).


Grading: Attendance: 30%; midterms, quizzes, and occasional short papers: 60%. Note: To qualify for an A in this class, you must also write a book review and present it in class: 10%.

Attendance will be graded as follows: full and punctual attendance: A+. A portion of one session missed: A-. One session missed: B. Two sessions missed: C-. Three or more sessions missed: E. You can improve your attendance grade by undertaking extracurricular activities, e.g., class presentation, organizing a class activity, consumer research, essay. In that case you need to follow the 2 for 1 rule: Two hours of home preparation for every one hour of missed class.


Record Keeping: Please keep a copy of all handed-in assignments and hang on to all returned assignments until you receive a correct grade notice from Wayne State. Rationale: Papers sometimes get lost.

Instructional Format: This course will examine environmental issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. It will combine lectures with dialogs, hands-on exercises, student presentations and debates, films, and invited lectures.

Goals: If you apply yourself, by this April you will be able to answer questions like: