GIS 2030 EPE, Library, and Computer Workshop

Here is the EPE passage:

Despite all sense and reason she couldn’t give up worrying about her children, couldn’t give up wondering where she’d failed. Hadn’t she birthed, nursed, and cuddled them? Hadn’t she tucked them in, read to them, kissed their hurts, taught them manners, disciplined them even when it had hurt her to do so? Hadn’t she watched, hawk-eyed, for their individual tastes and talents, and fostered those talents as best she knew how? Even after they’d left home, hadn’t she called and written, fiddled with the bank accounts to send them money, taken them back in whenever they’d wanted? Hadn’t she scaled down all her great expectations to a tepid "Whatever makes you happy" that secretly stuck in her craw? But none of her understanding, compromises, or maneuvering had helped. All of her children . . . were lost to her. It was one thing that her marriage had started on a tidal wave of love then shipwrecked and bleached and dried to bitterness. That happened to so many women. But her failure with her children—that was the ache for which there was no painkiller, the foghorn she heard on the sunniest day.—Lois Battle (1996, Bed and Breakfast)

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This workshop is aimed at improving your skills in accessing and storing ISP, CLL, WSU, and WWW resources.  In particular, we'll

Creating Favorites (=Bookmarks):   To avoid re-typing the long internet address we've just typed, we need to place it in the computer's memory:

Creating and Switching Windows:  Bill Gates is a rich man now thanks, in part, to the creation of Windows--which involves working on two or more computer applications at the same time.  You have one internet application open; that's what you're reading right now.  But to write things for today's assignment, you need to open a word-processing program as well.

With the help of your neighbors and floating instructors, answer the following questions (use Microsoft Word to write and print your answers and hand your answers to class instructor before going home tonight):

I. We've discussed in class David Stannard's American Holocaust.  Use your computer to find out:  

II. Contemporary Events:

III. Internet Searches.  Use FAST Search to find out: 

IV. Some Useful Skills:

V. Our class site: 

When done answering all questions, print them out, write your name on top, and hand them in to class instructor--this is a formal class requirement.