Educational Dreams & Experiences of Past and Present

In today’s educational system there are many advantages for minorities that did not exist during Richard Wright or Dr. Carson’s time.  Make it longer pls

This is the second paragIn attending a predominately white school I experienced the difference in treatment from that of white students.  Whenever my math teacher would ask a question and I would raise my hand, he would always overlook me to go to another white student who had their hand raised.  This was always an upsetting experience but I would continue to raise my hand in hopes of being picked so that I could show that I too knew the answer. 

              This experience was like that of Richard Wright’s in the way that he also had white people who did not want him to be educated.  During his time it was illegal for blacks to check out library books.  White people feared blacks becoming educated and awakened to the ways of their world.  I had a white person try to keep me from excelling with my education by trying to discourage me by not allowing me to voice my knowledge.  To do this he would intentionally not choose me to answer an asked question. 

              Although Richard Wright knew blacks were not allowed to check out books, he found a way to do so by using a white man’s library card.  By now having access to readings Richard began to see that he had been living in darkness to the ways of the world.  With these new findings Richard came to see that the life he was once content with, would no longer be the same.  Very good, but give one concrete example, say more

              My experience was also like that of Dr. Carson because my mother too never let me give up.  When I told her how my math teacher ignored my raised hand, she shared with me her own experiences of racism.  She stressed how important it was that I continue with my learning and not only did as well as the white children but better.  She drilled in me that we must depend on educating ourselves because the school system was geared toward the education of its white students only.  That they had no interest in actually educating us any further than the basics of reading and writing.  We were made to read over watching television and listening to musicunclear sentence:  My mother encourage us . . . .  Before allowing us to playing play,g she would always make sure our schoolwork, along with any side projects she had given were completed.  With Dr. Carson he too was driven more by his mother to excel in his own education.  She made learning a priority and took necessary measures like walking a long distance to the library so that her children could obtain the additional teachings not taught in school.  What their teachers were not teaching them there their mother was.  With this additional stress his mother was sometimes forced to check herself into a mental hospital.  The importance of education taught to Dr. Carson by his mother lead him to become a successful doctor.  By seeing the struggles his mother went through to ensure they had the proper care and education, Dr. Carson aimed to become a great doctor with the ability to bring peace to mothers like his own.

              I would like to see every school system give their students the same level of education and opportunity to succeed.  Suburban schools are able to provide a more extensive education to their students because of more funding and supplies.  Due to the lack of these same essentials, inner city students are at a disadvantage, causing them to work with limited supplies and money.   Because of this minority students are being left behind when it comes to education.   I would like for all schools to be able to produce well educated and goal oriented students. 

              My goal is to first obtain my bachelor’s degree and later my master’s.  I am at this time undecided on my major.  In my journey I hope to gain more knowledge and overall education.  Of course my hopes are obtaining a degree that will lead to a higher income, but along with that I want to explore new areas of study.  This is one of the reasons I am enjoying being in the ISP program.  I feel that being in this program will allow me to come closer to finding myself and what it is I would like my life to become.

              Although education opportunities have evolved over the years, there are still disadvantages that exist for minorities.  As we read the stories of Dr. Carson and Richard Wright, we see that even with roadblocks we can still achieve our dreams.  Being a minority we are sure to experience some sort of unfairness on our road to success.  But the key is to not let it be of discouragement but instead use it as a motivation to exceed all possible limits.  If there were a way to put all students on a level playing field I’m sure we would have better rounded minorities when it comes to education.  But because of the lack of funding minorities are still being left behind.  Even with being at a disadvantage, we can still accomplish what we set out for.  With a lot of hard work and discipline we can be as successful as even the wealthiest of people.  It is with this mindset that I plan to achieve my own goal of furthering my education and self-exploration.

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