ISP 2030/3080: Questions for the Final Test 

We shall apply the reading, writing, and note-taking skills we have developed during the first part of the semester to a final, closed book, closed cell phones, closed laptop, closed everything, examination during finals week.  Thus, your final grade in this class will be based on the following:

·              Attendance: 25%

·              Assignments for first part of the term: 35%

·              Final test: 40%

You can take this final test on either one of the following two dates: 

Ø        Saturday, December 15, 9:35-11:35, 118 State Hall

Ø        Tuesday, December 18, 6-8, 262 Manoogian

This is also your only chance of taking—or retaking—a make-up apostrophe test.

On the week before the test  (Dec. 8 or 11) there will not be a regular class, and no attendance records will be taken.  Instead, attendance is optional, and the entire session will be dedicated to a review of the final questions.   

Questions for the Final Test will be taken from the following:

(If you do not have some of the materials, send me an e-mail and I’ll send them to you)

·              A sampler of grammar questions from assignments and tests you have already taken and which can be found in your coursepack:  a. pp. 10-11 (a-m), b.  Apostrophe game (p. 147)

·              Questions 1-12 from the Geography Fun Competition (144-5)

·              Retelling and/or interpreting of  The Library Card (p. 19), The Good Example (p. 26), The Gossips (p. 56), two comics (p. xvi), Kiswana Browne (91), Marriage is a Private Affair (78), Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets (81)

·              Founding Sachems (pp. 141-3).

·              Solving: a. Creative thinking in action (puzzle, top of p. xii), b. Hanoi puzzle (42; see also:, c. Puzzles 1 and 5 (123-4)

·              Writing a well-informed essay, following the exact same outline you used before:  Should I Celebrate Columbus Day? (68-76)

·              Learning Essay (p. xvii), points I-V only.

·              “Dream Deferred” Handout, Questions a-j.

·              The following questions regarding “An Inconvenient Truth” (see also summary, in black font, here:  1. Describe and explain 4 distinct present impacts of climate change.  2.  What are, according to Gore, the three causes of humanity’s collision with Earth. Describe and explain.  3. What are the three misconceptions about climate change?  Describe and explain.