GST 1510: History and Concepts of Mathematics

Class Syllabus

Weekly Schedule of Assignments

Announcements, Circles, and Formulas

Some Useful Internet Links: By now, the internet—if you know how to use it—is just as good a resource as any math textbook you might purchase on your own. Indeed, some of the best instructional material, nowadays, is on the internet—for free:

The Math Forum Home Page:

Dave's Math Tables:

SMARD (Australian High Schools):

Math World (for mathematicians, but still worth visiting):

Math dictionary:

Measurement Units Translation:

Berkely High School Math Site:

Berkely High References & Resources:

But perhaps even more important and useful is a simple search of whatever you are doing at the moment. If you have Netscape, for instance, and are tackling a concept, you can do so by going to the address on top and typing the concept in quotes, e.g., "greatest common divisor"

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