GST 1510: Weekly Schedule

Bring to every class: TI-36X Solar calculator, Coursepack, completed assignments for that week, Math Principles Folder (same loose-leaf binder as coursepack), a cheerful I-can-do attitude.

Note: As you walk in every week, sign the attendance sheet and hand in your assignments.

Class Internet Homepage:

Week 1 (1/12/2000). Personal Information Sheet. Class Roster. Receive: syllabus, weekly schedule, Coursepack pp. 1-13, 69. Pay for Coursepack ($5). Qs & As about the MPE. Importance of math in every day life. My educational approach. Grading. Internet sites. E-mail.

Math diagnosis (MPE Sample Test A, pp. 8-9): 35 min. Structure of test. Answer only questions you know. By next week, look up answers on internet--Sample MPE with Answers: Goal: Do you need to take this class? 2. English/Math Link Survey (pp. 1-7). Goal: Do you need to take GIS 1510 and read a lot before trying the MPE? 3. Understanding +, -, 5 ÷ (p. 10 ). Ch. 1 (p. 11).

Additional Math Problem: Find in the syllabus the percentage of submitted assignments in final class grade. Find out the total # of weeks in this class (this sheet). Find out the percentage of class grade you will forego if you fail to submit assignments for one session.

Week 2 (1/19): Bring to class: $5, TI-36X Solar calculator, Coursepack (including the Math Principles Folder), completed assignments for this week. 

Solve all problems, Chs. 1, 2, 3 (pp. 11-13) and submit assignments to class instructor Check your answers—p. 69. Clearly mark each assignment (e.g., Name., Week 2, Chapter 1). Show your work. If you don’t know how to approach a problem, leave it blank.

By now, you should have a looked up answers (p. 69) to MPE Sample Test A (see pp. 8-9). You may also wish to look up solutions on the internet—see Sample MPE with Answers:

Interpretation of your MPE Sample Test A score:

13=S=25: You can probably pass the MPE now and do not need to take this class.

10=S=12: You need to take this class, but, if you work hard, you will almost certainly pass.

S<10: If you work hard, attend all classes, and if your English comprehension is good, you have a very good chance of passing the MPE. On the other hand, if you don’t give this class everything you have got, or, even if you do, if your English is not yet at the college level, your best strategy may be withdrawing from this class, taking GIS 1510, reading about 50 children classics for pleasure, and then re-registering for this class.

Note to people who missed the first class: Attendance counts heavily in this class—towards the grade, and towards your chances of passing the MPE. So, at this point, you have already two strikes against you. Your options are: Withdraw now without penalty and take this class next term, or try to catch up If you choose to catch up, you’ll need to begin by taking today the English and Math Diagnostic Tests which your classmates took last week.

January 24, 2000 (Monday): Last day to withdraw from class and receive full refund. If your withdrawal date= 1/24/2000, GST 1510 will not be recorded on your transcript.

Week 3 (1/26): At home: Take tests for Chs. 4-6 (pp. 14-16). Complete Circles and Formulas (pp. 17-20). Learn to use the TI 36X Calculator.  By now you should have registered for the MPE ($11.50; date to be announced).

Note to people who missed the first and second classes: You are too far behind. Drop this class and take it next term.

Additional Math Problems:

1. The MPE passing score is 21. There are 45 questions in the test. Expressed the passing score as:

Lowest fraction Percent Decimal

2. In my last class, the MPE scores were: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 27, 27, 28, 32. A pass is a pass: there is no difference between 32 and 21. Should the highest scorer be willing to replace his score with:

The mean? The mode? The Median? The midrange?

Week 4 (2/2): Take tests for Chs. 7-9 (pp. 21-23), Calc. Test A (p. 24) (making sure to use the calculator whenever possible).

Week 5 (2/9): Chs. 10-11 (pp. 25-27), Calc. Test B (p. 28).

Week 6 (2/16):. Take Final Exam -- Form B (pp. 29-33). Calculator Test C. (p. 34). Check your answers. Submit all your work to class instructor.

Week 7 (2/23): Review Chs. 1-11. Read, grasp, and memorize Basic Mathematical Rules (pp. 35-38). Prepare for in-class, 40-question examination on material covered in tests 1-11

Week 8 (3/1): Take and submit: Test 5 (p. 39). Read pp. 40-41. Take and submit Test 6 (p. 42).

Week 9 (3/1): Read Sets of Numbers (pp. 43-45). Take at home and submit in class: MPE Variation # 1, 2 (pp. 46-49).1

Week 10 (3/8): Take at home and submit in class: Math 1510: Rules (p. 50 ), MPE Variation # 4 (pp. 51-53).

Week X (3/15): No Class. Review material covered on Weeks 1-11. When encountering problems, consult tutor, internet, books, classmates, or class instructor.

Note: You can’t "cram" math—a steady pace is the only pace. So the best formula is:

2 hours per day<your study time<4 hours per day.

Additional Problems

  1. If you attend all classes, and average 2 hours/day this semester, how many hours will you have studied math?
  2. If you study math 2 hours a day and study everything else 3 hours a day, what is the fraction of time spent on math / total study time.
  3. Sally has a 50% chance of passing the test, and so does LaKeesha. What are the chances that:
  1. Both Sally and LaKeesha pass the test?
  2. Either Sally or Lakeesha pass?
  3. Neither Sally nor LaKeesha pass?

Week 11 (3/22): Read pp. 54-57. Take Test Z (p. 58).

Week 12 (3/29):. Read Functions & Imaginaries (p. 59). Take Tests X, Y (pp. 60-61).

Weeks 13 4/5). Take Placement Exam (pp. 62-63). Check Solution Key (p. 64). Take Test W (p. 65). Prepare for in-class MPE simulated test (note: this class test is fairly similar to the REAL test, so don’t miss this class!).

Week 14 (4/12):. Study material which you haven't studied yet on the internet, any book of your choice, your Math Principles Folder. Review principles (p. 66). Review MPE Info (pp. 67-68). Take in class: Last practice test.

Week 15 (4/19): Retake Math Sample Test #1. Prepare for Math Sample Test #2.

Late April, 2000: Take MPE. Note: don't forget to bring: 1. Picture ID, 2. Student ID, 3.Solar Calculator.

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