Online version of: Nissani, M. (1992). Lives in the Balance: the Cold War and American Politics, 1945-1991.

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Besides providing an integrated, self-contained history of the Cold War, Lives in the Balance throws new light on subjects as diverse as the nature of freedom, American Third World policies, roots of collective misbehavior, and reform strategies. Lives in the Balance should be of special interest to those wishing to understand or change the realities of American politics:

"The voyage into a better future must begin with a careful study of the past. The Soviet Union is no more, but others could readily take its place as Chief Enemy of the Republic. The Cold War is at a low ebb now, but the forces which created and sustained it are still commanding the dikes. If we wish to avoid another half a century of racing with Russia, Japan, or some other nation, if we wish to avoid another half a century of crimes against nature and our fellow passengers to the grave, if humanity is to realize the age-old dream of continual progress, these forces must be contained. The containment manual can only be culled from the pages of history, and, especially, from the pages of Cold War America."-from the Preface

"Lives in the Balance does a remarkable job of integrating vast amounts of information about nuclear weapons and the Cold War, and it does so with a rare degree of common sense and skepticism about the conventional wisdom. Moti Nissani's interdisciplinary approach provides many fascinating insights and speculations about the psychology and politics of American foreign policy and about what may be necessary to create more humane policies in the future."-William A. Schwartz, co-author, The Nuclear Seduction

A holder of degrees in genetics, philosophy, and psychology, Dr. Nissani brings an unusual background to his interdisciplinary review of the Cold War and American politics. Before joining the faculty of Wayne State University, he studied, fought, or taught in six American states, Israel, and Australia. His most recent technical articles show that human beings are surprisingly resistant to conceptual change.

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