Can Grammar be Fun?: A Game with Thirteen Lousy Sentences

Here is an excerpt from a  letter one of your instructors has recently received from an editor of a scientific journal:

"Table 1 repeats a lot of information currently given in the text. You should omit it from the text."

Can you see the potential for a misunderstanding?  Indeed, your instructor thought the editor wanted to delete the table, and spent a couple of hours revising and sending the paper to England.  But it turned out that the editor wanted the information removed, not the table.  Who was to blame here?  How could such problems be avoided? (by mastering the elements of grammar–the editor here broke a rule).  So we need to study grammar.  Here we'll try to do so in a fun way, by turning this into a game.  

Here is how the game goes.  Class is divided into groups of 3-4.  Each group has 10 minutes to have the MINIMAL corrections for each sentence ready.  We then decide which group goes first by drawing lots.  Let's say Group 1 is first, so it must give us a correction to Sentence #1. It has 5 seconds to do so, and only one chance.  If it gives a perfect answer (instructor is the referee), it gets 10 points and we move on to Question #2 and Group 2.  If Group 1 provides a partial answer, it gets some points; if it fails to answer, it gets no points.  Group 2 now gets a chance to fill in any gaps for Question 1.  If Group 1 does so successfully, it gets the remaining points.  If it doesn't, Group 3 gets a chance to answer Question 1, and so on.  Once Question 1 is fully answered, we move on to Question 2 and Group 2.  The winning group is the one that ends up with the highest score.

a. Calmly reading, they called her name.

b. I was trying to look up Sean. A handsome man.

c. Tonza wanted too go home with John, but he was to busy.

d. He resembles his brother, who is such a handsome man, and who has been known for a long time to be a hard working kind of guy.

e. I love, adoring, and cherish him.

f. Kathy likes to reads books or listening to sitar music.

g. The reason why he did this is because he was hungry.

h. If one wants to be a mountain climber, you should lift weights.

i. Stacy and Corona were walking in Indian Villag, and Stacy felt she should buy a sweater.

j. I should have went to Grand Rapids.

k. I would have rather be a hammer then a nail.

l. She smile as she sing.

m. He asked me, in his own kind of special way, after a lot of thinking, I am not exactly sure why, to lend him some money.