Deloused 13 Sentences

One answer is given (in each case, many others are possible):

a. They called her name while she was calmly reading.

b. I was trying to look up that handsome man Sean.

c. Tonza wanted to go home with John, but he was too busy.

d. He resembles his handsome, hard-working brother.

e. I love, adore, and cherish him.

f. Kathy likes reading books or listening to sitar music.

g. He did this because he was hungry.

h. If you want to be a mountain climber, you should lift weights.

i. While Stacy and Corona were walking in Indian Village, Stacy decided to buy a sweater.

j. I should have gone to Grand Rapids.

k. I'd rather be a hammer than a nail.

l. She smiles as she sings.

m. He reluctantly asked me to lend him some money.

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