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Last update: July 17, 2015

A Revolutionary's Toolkit

New: Encyclopedia of Domestic Assassinations (earlier versions: here and here)

Recent Reflections on Revolution, Freedom, Social justice, Peace, and Sustainability

Selected Academic Publications

The Cooperative Dolphins of Laguna

Elephant Corner (articles, slides, videos, sounds, links)

Sounds of English:  Audio & Text of a Complete English Pronunciation Guide, Stories, and Poems

C.V. & Contact Information

Bruxism (Teeth Clenching or Grinding): Advice, Links, Resources 

(Español: El bruxismo: Consejos, Enlaces, Recursos)


Media Links & Resources


Seen above: Logging elephants of Myanmar



Biology Today 

Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar

Computers & Society

Intermediate Reading & Writing (English Online)

Atoms & Stars: A Historical Introduction to Astronomy, Physics, and the Process of Scientific Discovery

Senior Seminar: Around the World in One Semester

Other Classes of Interest: 

History & Concepts of Mathematics

World War I: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Living in the Environment


Written Communication Skills

Media in America

Intermediate Reading & Writing  

Senior/Capstone Essay/Project

Travel IDeas:

Have you LET GO of A Conviction Today?  (no easy task--click here for more!)

Background painting: Phyllis Saroff, Passenger Pigeon

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